Obesity became a plague that strikes more and more our society and affects lot of young people.

While we are crossing the streets of our towns, quite often we turn out to be  dumb witnesses and watch helplessly how  children, teens and young people are affected by this disease.

The modern society seams to transform our kids into fast food eaters while the sedentary life turns against us and affects our body shape!

From time to time i try to remember the old good times when children used to play more and more and the food was a lot more eco than the one of our  new days.

The past outdoor activities used to develop us both physically and mentally. The past kids used to spend long hours outside the house, while the new days child, later on teen and young people prefer to spend hours in front of the TV with a bag of crackers or chips!

I would like to come up with some hints about how to start  and end a pleasant day…at least, I try to follow some of these tricks to make it till the end of the day! :))

So, let’s wake up 30 mins earlier than the hour we currently set to get up and start our daily activities (school, work). Open the window wide and do some morning exercised for the next 30 mins!

After that try a cup of green tea instead the normal coffee ( for kids a cup of milk with honey and cacao is welcome, this provides a lot of energy!). Breakfast must be complete as it’s the main meal of the day so…never skip it! Use carbohydrates as they  offer us energy for the beginning of the day

Satisfy your need for sweets replacing sugar with honey and crackers or chips with fruits!

Try to eat your lunch between 12.00-13.00, never too late!

A fruit as snack (about 16.00) will offer you energy for the rest of afternoon before diner!

Have a light diner and then…for a good digestion…a walk in a park or jogging around your block! :)…if there is not much time for this, replace the TV with another 30 mins session of gym  before “jumping” into the bath! and if you still have a bit of time, a cup of tea will make wonders before a goodnight sleep!

Not so bad, isn’t it?! 🙂

Try this and let me know things went!

we are dumb witnesses


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