March- tradition in Romania…MARTISOR

Mărţişor is the traditional celebration of the beginning of the spring in Romania and Moldova, on 1 March. The day’s name is the diminutive of March (in Romanian Martie), and thus means something like “little or dear March”. Men offer women a small decorative object also called Mărţişor consisting of a jewel or symbolizing a flower, an animal, etc. tied to a red and white string. This is a symbol of the coming spring, which the woman wears pinned to her blouse on this day, and up to two weeks after. Occasionally, women also give such gifts to men.

Martisor is also a symbol of love and friendship, proved by the 2 strings, a red and a white one. The red string represents our feelings of love for the dear ones, while the white one is the bond of friendship between people.

Giving Martisor  to people is an old custom, and it is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be strong and healthy for the year to come.

One legend of the symbol of spring says that once,  sun dropped to the ground , taking the form of a young man to attend a dance in a village . An evil ogre saw that and  kidnapped and imprisoned the sun into a dungeon , causing suffering to all nature . They say rivers have stopped flowing , birds singing … not so no kids no longer laughing .
Nobody knew what to do until a sturdy young man decided to challenge the evil ogre and release the sun . It started off with the power of many of Earthlings . The journey took 3 seasons: summer, autumn and winter. Towards the end of winter , he found the ogre’s castle  and fought for days until the ogre was killed .
Weak and badly injured, he managed to reach the dungeon sun released the sun, and soon after he died, his blood flew into the  white snow . The sun rose in the sky and proclaimed the arrival of spring  filling with joy the hearts of the mortals. .
Since then , young people intertwine two tassels , one white and one red , giving the girls they love  or to the close ones . Red means love for all that is beautiful , reminiscent of the color of blood the young man . White symbolizes purity health and the snowdrop , the first flower of spring. which is the snowdrop.




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