Copiii raspund….Children reply….

Copiii raspund

De ce circula sangele in corp? Sangele umbla prin corp, ca sa ii prinda pe microbii si sa ii inece.(6 ani)

La ce folosesc sprancenele? Sprancenele folosesc ca sa tina fruntea sus, sa nu-i vina fruntea pe ochi. (6 ani)

De ce ne spalam cu sapun? Noi ne spalam, ca sa dam sapun in ochi la microbi. (5 ani)

Ce sunt amprentele? Amprentele e cand punem mana pe o clanta si raman degetele acolo si le gaseste politia. (8 ani)

Ce este sufletul? Suflet e cand iti pune mama prajituri pe farfurie si ii lasi prajituri si lu’ ala mic. (8 ani)

Sufletul are o forma de inima. (8 ani)


Ce este tristetea? Tristete inseamna cand un om vine la altul si bea mult. (7 ani)

De ce se pun potcoave la cai? La cal se pune potcoave, sa nu cada calul pe spate, atunci cand pune frana calul se intepeneste in potcoave. (9 ani)

Ce inseamna cuvantul “”modern””? Modern e cand vezi ceva frumos si e scump si n-ai bani. (7 ani)

Cum se face parfumul? Parfumul se face din apa, dop si din parfum. (5 ani)

Cum se inteleg pasarile sau animalele intre ele, daca noi, oame nii, vorbim si de multe ori nu ne intelegem? Pasarile sau animalele vin unele langa altele si vorbesc in soapta si noua ne spun numai “”miau””. (10 ani)

Ce este timpul? Timpul este o vreme care trece tot timpul. (5 ani)

Ce sunt buruienile? Buruienile sunt niste plante folositoare doar lor. (12 ani)

Ce este acela un secret? Secretul este atunci cand nu trebuie sa stie militia. (6 ani)

Ce este zambetul? A zambi inseamna sa razi parca in gandul tau. (8 ani)

A zambi este cand niste oameni rad cu gura inchisa, ca sa nu deranjeze oamenii de la bloc. (7 ani)

Ce este igiena? Igiena este cand vin neamurile si vad ce curat e in casa. (7 ani)

Din ce se face sapunul? Sapunul se face din mai multi clabuci, la un loc. (6 ani)

De ce isi fac oamenii cadouri? Oamenii isi fac cadouri, ca sa nu fie nesimtiti. (7 ani)

De ce da dirijorul din maini, cu un bat, cand dirijeaza? Dirijorul da din maini, ca sa arate ducerea sunetului. (11 ani) Dirijorul are un bat in mana, ca e urat sa arate cu degetul, la ala care canta cu contrabasul ca sa vada cum merge simfonia. (10 ani)

De ce gaina nu zboara pe sus, ca celelalte pasari? Gaina nu zboara pe sus ca celelalte pasari, pentru ca-i e frica sa nu scape oul, cand ii vine sa-l faca. (10 ani)

Kids answer

why circulate blood throughout the body ? Blood walk through the body to snare the microbes and to drown . ( 6 years)

What do the eyebrows ? Eyebrows use it to keep my head up , do not blame them on the eye brow . (6 years )

Why do we wash with soap ? We wash , to give soap in the eye to microbes . (5 years)

What are fingerprints ? Fingerprints is when our hands on a doorknob and fingers remain there and the police found them . ( 8 years)

What is the soul ? Mother ‘s soul when you make cakes on plate and let them cakes and to the  little guy . ( 8 years) The soul has a heart shape . ( 8 years)

What is sadness ? Sadness does it mean when a man comes to another and drink more. (7 years ) Why put horseshoes on horses? The horse is put horseshoes , horse does not fall back, when you put brake horse gets stuck in horseshoes . (9 years) What does the word ” ” modern ” ” ? Modern is when you see something beautiful and it’s expensive and I have money . (7 years )

How to make perfume ? Perfume is made from water, stopper and the perfume. (5 years )

How birds and animals understand each other when we people , talk and often do not get along? Birds or animals come next to each other and whisper and tell us only new ” ” meow ” ” . (10 years)

What is time? Time is a time that passes all the time. (5 years)

What are weeds ? Weeds are just some of their useful plants . ( 12)

What is a secret? The secret is when you do not need to know militia . ( 6 years)

What is your smile ? A smile means you laugh like in your mind . ( 8 years)

A smile is when some people laugh with your mouth closed , not bothering to block people . (7 years)

 What is hygiene ? Hygiene is when families come and see what ‘s fresh in house . (7 years )

What is soap ? Soap suds make more in one place . (6 years )

Why do people their presents? People give presents , not to be rude . ( 7 years )

Why the orchestra director   hands, a stick when directing ?The orchestra director shakes hands look like carrying sound. ( 11 years) The orchestra director has a stick in hand, it’s bad to point fingers at the guy who plays the bass to see how it goes symphony . (10 years )

Why the chickens do not fly up, like other birds ? Chickens do not fly like other birds on top , because I ‘m afraid not to drop the egg , when he comes to make it . (10 years)


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