Nascut pe 24 martie, 1874, cel mai cunoscut magician al lumii, Harry Houdini n-a reusit sa evadeze si de moarte. Houdini a murit de HALLOWEEN, pe 31 octombrie 1926.

In vara lui 1926, cu cateva luni inainte sa moara, Houdini a auzit de un magician care s-a inchis intr-o cutie si a fost coborit in apa, unde a stat mai bine de o ora inainte sa iasa triumfator afara.

Houdini si-a cumparat un cosciug de bronz, s-a inchis in el si a coborit in piscina hotelului pentru o ora si jumatate inainte ca respectivul cosciug sa fie scos din apa si Houdini sa fie gasit zambind inauntru.

Magicianul a luat cosciugul cu el in turneu si l-a expus chiar in fata salilor unde avea spectacol. I-a spus chiar in gluma sotiei sa fie folosit cosciugul in cazul in care “s-ar intampla ceva” pe parcursul turneului. Soarta a facut ca exact in acelasi cosciug sa fie transportat corpul sau inapoi la New York

Houdini suferea din cate se pare de apendicita, dar refuza constant tratamentele doctorilor pentru ca asta ar fi insemnat sa rateze o parte din spectacole. Obosit si expus accidentarilor, Houdini si-a rupt glezna pe scena, cu cateva saptamani inainte sa moara.

Cateva zile mai tarziu a fost izbit cu pumnul in stomac de un student care a vrut sa-i testeze abilitatile de a rezista la asemenea lovituri. S-ar putea ca tocmai aceasta lovitura sa fi provocat ruperea apendicelui. Houdini s-a prabusit pe scena la cateva zile distanta si a fost internat in spitalul din Detroit cu peritonita.

A murit de HALLOWEEN, iar ultimele cuvinte pe care le-a rostit au fost adresate fratelui sau Hardeen. “Am obosit sa lupt” a spus marele iluzionist.


Born on March 24, 1874, the world’s most famous magician, Harry Houdini managed to escape and death. Houdini died on Halloween, October 31st 1926.

In the summer of 1926 , a few months before his death , Houdini heard of a magician who was locked in a box and was lowered into the water , where he spent more than an hour before to come out triumphant .

Houdini and bought a bronze coffin was closed he went down to the hotel pool for an hour and a half before that coffin out of the water to be Houdini to be found smiling inside.

The magician took the coffin with him on tour and exhibited in front of halls where he show. He even said jokingly wife ‘s coffin to be used if ” something would happen ” during the tournament. Fate made ​​the exact same body or coffin to be transported back to New York

Houdini apparently suffering from appendicitis , but doctors consistently refuse treatment because that would be to miss some of the shows. Tired and exposed to injuries , Houdini broke his ankle on stage, a few weeks before his death.

A few days later he was punched in the stomach by a student who wanted to test their abilities to withstand such strikes . Might that have just hit this appendix rupture . Houdini collapsed on stage a few days away and was admitted to hospital in Detroit with peritonitis .

He died on Halloween , and the last words he uttered were addressed to his brother Hardeen .” I’m tired of fighting ,” said the great illusionist .







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