The Earth and… us!

The sea water  pollution and its impact on the  aquatic life 

Dear friends, I was recently challenged to open a new topic of discussion on the sea water pollution…but i would go a bit farther and say that the impact of  pollution affects both the underwater world, as much as the  land world!  We cannot  desire or maybe even hope to live in a clean and healthy  environment as long as we, as humans go on destroying   its ecosystem! On the other side, the natural disasters, most of them also influenced by the human “hand”  lets a strong impact  over the environment!

Let’s start to analyse few of these causes  of seat water pollution and its consequences! 

We recall 2010 as the  environmental disaster year in Mexico Bay. This reminds us the explosion of Deepwater Horizon oil well.  This scored 11 death of the workers and 17 other wounded people! At the first sight, an opinion talked about 1000 barrels of  oil  spread daily into the sea water but later on, after deeper investigation, the White House experts mention a quantity of 5000 barrels of oil!..after a while the quantity of oil reached to 19000 barrels of oil  per day!

Since then, the USA, faced difficulties in order to stop the leaks of oil.

2011, marks a maritime accident , close to the eastern coast of New Zeeland. A Liberian cargo ship has been shipwrecked on a reef. and about 385 of oil invaded the  sea. 

Due to the sea pollution, the tourists have been advised not to consume seafood anymore. 


August 2013,  the sea of South China has been poisoned by  300 barrels of oil, as a result of  an out of order oil pipeline.

As result, the oil spot went towards the island Koh Samet and about 70 % of coral reefs got blackened on one side, on the other side, about 50 % of tourists cancelled their reservation for the upcoming months!…and if we think that this island is famous for diving, then we can consider an important economic loss!

 All  these are just few fact  that came into my mind and decided to mention here, but, of course, they are a lot more to talk about!


Going back to the latest  and one of the “hottest” headlines, Fukushima and  the impact of the toxic water that seriously affected the sea-life!  

Some of the most radioactive fishes. 

As conclusion, day by day,  the whole environment is poisoned by different aggressive factors – due to careless, ignorance and indifference! All these  reduce and threaten the quality of  our lives and brings in danger the whole ecosystem!















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