A Clean and Healthy Environment

We all want to live in a clean and healthy environment…we all want to breath a fresh and pure air or then when we are out in our city or at the mountain or sea…but…


Day by day we assist helpless to the destruction of our environment…the pollution of big cities due on one side by the high daily traffic and the other side to the powerful industrialized cities…

 Carbon monoxide is a colorless odorless poisonous gas formed when carbon in fuels is not burned completely.  In cities, automobile exhaust can cause as much as 95 percent of all CO emissions. These emissions can result in high concentrations of CO, particularly in local areas with heavy traffic congestion.


CO emissions include industrial processes and fuel combustion in sources such as boilers and incinerators.

Carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream and reduces oxygen delivery to the body’s organs and tissues. The health threat from CO is most serious for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Healthy individuals are also affected, but only at higher levels of exposure. Exposure to elevated CO levels is associated with visual impairment, reduced work capacity, reduced manual dexterity, poor learning ability, and difficulty in performing complex tasks.

So…where to?!

Another important pollutant is the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) This gas forms when fuel is burned at high temperatures, and come principally from motor vehicle exhaust and stationary sources such as electric utilities and industrial boilers. A suffocating, brownish gas, nitrogen dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts in the air to form corrosive nitric acid, as well as toxic organic nitrates. It also plays a major role in the atmospheric reactions that produce ground-level ozone (or smog).

Nitrogen dioxide can irritate the lungs and lower resistance to respiratory infections such as influenza. The effects of short-term exposure are still unclear, but continued or frequent exposure to concentrations that are typically much higher than those normally found in the ambient air may cause increased incidence of acute respiratory illness in children.

And as it is not enough this chemical pollution to which we are submitted day by day, there comes the human hand by waste discharge into main waters destroying like this the aquatic ecosystem!


The forest suffer itself due to the irresponsibility of some co-citizens of us who going to have a picnic forget  quite often that forest in not a bin where one can let all the rests…so, this is another reason that affects both the quality of the ecosystem and of course…the one of our lives….





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