Fast food and young people obesity! Where are we going to?!


Walking on the streets of Europe, one can notice in a deep concern that more and more young people are over weighted some of them presenting the signs of obesity.

Since our lives changed due to the a high rhytm of living, more and more people pay less attention to the quality of the food they eat during a whole day…most of them skip the main meal which is breakfast having enough with a cup of coffee and then rushing to work.


The lunch is mostly based on a fast food meal, a hamburger, a pack of chips and a Coca Cola!…and many times, coming home late in the evening, we do not cook  or at least do not have the time anymore to cook- as we are already too tired- and just sink into an armchair with a bottle of Cola and some snacks close to us…and this happens day by day!

Besides the unhealthy way of eating, I could mention here the lack of sport activities and the preference of some young people to spend the time in front of the TV or playing video games!

I wonder where is our society  going to and what will be the future of our children if there will not be imposed a certain education considering a healthy lifestyle, both to the children and their parents!


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