SARMALE- Romanian cuisine

1kg pork meat

One sour cabbage

150 gr rice

200 gr onion

50 gr tomato pasta

Salt and pepper

These are the steps:

In a big bowl we put meat, rice, onion, salt and pepper. You can use a spoon or your own hand to mix these ingredients.

Then we take the cabbage and wash it with cold water. We take a leaf of the cabbage and cut it in 2 pieces.

With a spoon we take some dough that we made with all those ingredients and put it into a small piece of cabbage. Then we roll it and make sure the dough won’t come out of the cabbage.

This is what we have to do with all the dough that we made. After that we put them in a pot with water and let them cook for approximately 1 hour. During the cooking add tomatoe pasta. They need to be cooked on the small flame of the oven.

Once the dish is done, it can be served with polenta( mamaliga), bread or cream.

Enjoy the meal!



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