Einstein, the parrot

This is a super interview between a human and a…parrot! Enjoy it!



Ingredients pig’s trotters
For pig trotters you need: 1 kg.meat lean pork, pork head  ˝, 4 feet pork 2 ears, 2 bay leaves, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 head of garlic 1 lemon.
Preparation pig’s trotters
Wash meat, pig ears and legs, put them on the flame, then scald them and laugh with a fine knife.
In a large bowl, place the meat and cover it with more than a slap of cold water. Put it simmered, spumuieste, put peppercorns and bay leaf.
When the meat falls off the bone and lemon fell more than half, jelly is ready. Scrape grease above.
Strain the liquid into a separate bowl, passing it through the strainer with garlic sauce. Put in deep bowls or bowl the meat, then cover it with strained broth. Put cold jelly and bring them to the table decorated with green parsley and lemon.
good appetite


Ingrediente – Piftie de porc

Pentru piftia de porc ai nevoie de: 1 kg.carne macra de porc, ½ cap de porc, 4 picioare de porc, 2 urechi, 2 foi de dafin,1 lingurita boabe de piper,1 capatana de usturoi,1 lamaie.

Mod de preparare – Piftie de porc

Spala carnea, urechile si picioarele de porc, pune-le pe flacara, apoi opareste-le si rade cu un cutit fin.
Intr-un vas mare, pune carnea si acoper-o cu mai mult de o palma cu apa rece. Pune-o la fiert la foc mic, spumuieste, pune piperul boabe si foaia de dafin.
Cand carnea se desprinde de pe oase si zeama a scazut mai mult de jumatate, piftia este gata. Razuie grasimea de deasupra.
Strecoara lichidul intr-un vas separat, trecandu-l prin strecuratoare cu mujdei de usturoi. Pune in boluri adanci sau castronase carnea, apoi acoper-o cu zeama strecurata. Pune piftile la rece si adu-le la masa decorate cu frunza de patrunjel verde si lamaia.
Pofta buna!



for 6 portions

One fresh carp, around 3 kg, with scales, (common carp);
olive oil
paprika powder or chili powder

Clean, wash and dry the carp, (no head and tail). Cut in two pieces along length. Add salt and place over a grill,(medium heat over three inches from the charcoal bricketts, with the scales down). Keep in this position 10-15 minutes. Turn in the other side 8-10 minutes. Clean the burning scales. Put into a large bowl, and add boilled water, salt, pepper, paprika, and keep covered 10 minutes. Serve with boilled potatoes and garlic paste,(crunch garlic with salt and oil olive). And don’t forget a friendly dry white wine!