Pelisor Castle

Pelisor Castle

Almost adjacent to Peles Castle is Pelisor (“Little Peles”).

The castle it was built in 1899–1903 by the order of King Carol I, as the residence for his nephew and heir, the future King Ferdinand (son of Carol’s brother Leopold von Hohenzollern) and Ferdinand’s consort Queen Marie.

King Ferdinand, who succeeded Carol I, intended to use Peles Castle as a summer residence. Supposedly he found Peles too big and overwhelming, so he commissioned the smaller, art-nouveau style, Pelisor Castle.

Pelisor has 70 rooms and feature a unique collection of Viennese furniture and Tiffany and Lalique glassware.

The castle reflects the astonishing personal style of Queen Maria. The walls of the reception room are covered with oak timber; the gilded sculpted wood , Golden Room design as well and the working cabinet was created by the queen herself.

The thistle which is the floral emblem of Scotland reminds, her birthplace and is also present on the wall of the golden room.


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