Monastery Rasca

Monastry Rasca

On the valley of the same name, Pretru Rares made in 1542 one low-size church with which the frescos were richly decorated between 1611 and 1617. The “vornic” (large governor) Costea Bacioc added to construction imposing an exonarthex and to grow considerably capacity of the building. Architecture initially a construction of plan tri conch, with the tower bell-tower original, going up the naos now, the second bell-tower find above the closed porch.
The enclosure has walls and turns of defense (17th – 18th centuries).
Interior paintings on the iconography plan and the composition preserve the initial data in particular at the sanctuary (Holy Nicolas) and with the naos (Miracle of the loaves and fishes). The votive table representing the family of the prince is remarkable.
The external walls have been painted by Stamatello Cotronas (1552) and are enough preserved well on the southern frontage. Some of the paintings (the scale of Jean Climax, the Judgement the last, life of Saint Antoine) are better preserved.
In the church there are old icons and tombstones dating from the 15th and the 16th centuries.


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