Stone Ravens Monastery

Stone Ravens Monastery

Stone Ravens Monastery is a monastery in Romania situated in the village of Corbi common Gutters (Arges). The monastery is a complex (partially) cave XIV century, reestablished in 1512, during Neagoe Basarab (1512-1521).
The monastery church is carved into the rock (sandstone). Near the church, all carved into the rock, is mînîstirii refectory, dining room of the monastery, a place to turn and carved into the rock, which tradition says was used Neagoe the outdoor courts to make judgments public. It is situated 400 m from the village center Ravens, on the left bank of River Lady (Arges). This city is known as the birthplace of Corvin. Currently still can see the castle ruins area Voicu, father of John Corvin. Cave Church at Ravens Stone was carved into solid rock wall, about 30 m high and 14.5 m long
The first documentary is June 23, 1512, but there is reliable information that the church existed before that date. On 23 June 1512, Nun Magdalene – in Mirena Musa, daughter and wife of lord, owner of the estate inherited from Corbi, (re) establish the Stone Ravens Monastery from. Holy shrine has been dedicated to the “Assumption” and was dedicated to Prince Neagoe. Thus, the slot gets from the (re) establish the status of royal monastery.
In 1897, during the ministry of Resurrection, the west wall of the nave collapsed, nerănind anyone. In the summer of that year, the faithful have brought some Italian craftsmen stonemasons from the muscel Albeştii to rebuild the collapsed wall. The church is very valuable, not only in the way that was embedded in rock, but the painting that adorns, which experts say it is the purest Byzantine tradition, dating from the fourteenth century or even earlier . Holy shrine was known in ancient times as the monastery and the monastery cranberry or cranberry.


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